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First a fan of dogeared jewelry, now its sales director
Not long ago, Dogeared was simply one of Robin Kramer's favorite brands of jewelry. [...]

Jeweler buys 12,000 s/f townhouse on E61st St
Winick Realty Group recently brokered the purchase of a 12,000 s/f townhouse at 46 E. 61st St. to Graft Jewelers [...]

Georg Jensen Jewelry
The Danish sculptor, silversmith, and jeweler Georg Jensen is considered one of the leading designers of the early twentieth century. [...]

Jeweler cuts a dash on Madison
Cushman & Wakefield announced that Landau Jewelers, [...]

How to Care for Gold
1. It is important to take care of your gold pieces [...]

Man jewelry rules
All man jewelry should be simple in design and of excellent quality. [...]

How to Clean Gold
1. You can clean gold jewelry with a soft toothbrush and some soapy water (dishwashing liquid works fine for this) [...]

How to store the jewelry
All the jewelry should be kept in closed jewelry boxes. [...]

Woman jewelry rules
1. Remember "one-statement-at-a-time" rule. It means that you should balance your jewelry items [...]

Fashionable Celtic Jewelry
Over two thousand years ago, the Celtic people adorned themselves with handcrafted jewelry made from precious metals and stones. [...]

The Art of Organic Jewelry
If gold and silver jewelry is too expensive [...]

Which Wedding Jewelry Pieces Should You Wear?
As a bride, you want the elements of your wedding ensemble to complement and enhance your natural beauty [...]

Affordable jewelry a click away
Ever get tired of searching through endless mall shops, trying to find high quality jewelry at affordable prices? How about attending big jewelry sales that just fail to deliver? [...]

Unique Jewelry can set you apart
There are many things that can set you apart from the crowd, and unique jewelry is one of the best. Although there are many people who wear jewelry [...]

Your Pearl Jewelry: Handle with care
For centuries the pearl for its changeable beauty and inner glow has been one of the most desired and assayed after gems for the jewelry lover [...]

Types of Stainless Steel Jewelry for Women
Buying jewelry is not part of one's staple shopping diet and it is usually considered as being somewhat of a luxury and is thus something that you and I may not easily afford [...]

Sterling Silver Makes Beautiful Jewelry
Sterling silver is affordable and it looks great, many fashion designers are using it and many shoppers are starting to purchase this beautiful metal [...]